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drill micro diameter holes
FREE Report 'How to drill
micro diameter holes'

Whether you are using machining centres, CNC mills, sliding head or CNC turning machines, small hole drilling can be hard work. If you drill holes below 1.0 mm diameter – this report will help you save time and money.
Kern Micro accuracy on the workpiece
Kern Micro 'Accuracy on
the workpiece ±.002 mm'

Even though all machining centres are labelled as 'precision' – if it's not KERN, you have probably experienced difficulty in achieving the drawing tolerance and then maintaining it for your batch of components.
Precision Endmills
Milling Solutions with
Precision Endmills

Manufacturers today, have to be very 'price/performance' aware and when it comes to buying cutting tools, they know what they want – end mills with the latest tool geometries that deliver high levels of machining efficiency.